Rebecca Leigh has worked as a specialist photographer in the glamour industry over the past 15 years. Her creative approach in combining various elements of contrast, colour and texture means that Rebecca creates perfectly styled images that bring out the best in every client.

Few photographers possess the ability to work in a variety of situations in the way that Rebecca can. She is able to seamlessly transition between the glamour studio and weddings with ease. Her experience as a glamour photographer only serves to add an additional element of finish to her wedding images that can’t be replicated.

With her additional qualifications as a talented hair and makeup artist and her unmatched ability to pose clients to perfection, Rebecca is able to create images that are both personal and unique.

Rebecca’s attention to detail and warm approach means that those who work with her feel pampered, confident and above all, beautiful. The result is a collection of photographs that every client is proud of.


Rebecca loves changing styles and fashions but what she is really interested in Afro Cuban music.  She is an amazing salsa dancer, a talented singer and visual artist too.