Pixel Matrix is constantly involved in a range of projects across South East Queensland and throughout Australia and New Zealand. We work with a variety of different businesses, clubs and organizations and are constantly on the lookout for new exciting opportunities and amazing people to collaborate with

Pixel Love Photo Sessions

Pixel Matrix has teamed up with the award winning Tanya Love Portrait to bring you a series of collaborative “Pixel Love” Photo Sessions.

The Pixel Love collaborative team is currently based or Brisbane’s north side and have been working with the local Northlakes sub division offering them an amazing Christmas promotion.

We are currently discussing taking our Pixel Love project on tour in 2016 around Australia and New Zealand’s main centres.

PXMX Productions

Pixel Matrix was originally designed to be a video and photography company but has recently passed those duties off to sister business PXMX Productions

PXMX Productions involves itself in a large variety of film and video projects but really specialize in Real Estate, Personal and Business Profile Productions