As photographers we are constantly approached by clients of different looks, shapes and sizes. Your role is to understand the needs of your client and produce position best suited to them and their situation.

Whether posing individuals, couples or larger groups, understanding correct posing construction techniques can really finish off that look you have been looking for.

We take a broad look at the industry and take a walk through constructing individual, couples and group photography. This workshop also teaches you to set up scenarios to produce more of a candid and emotive styled look which can be applied to weddings, studio or creative styles.

This workshop is for any MODEL or PHOTOGRAPHER looking at expanding their shot portfolio. We look at correct lighting, appropriate angles and photographic techniques for an range of different positions with the assistance of a professional model

In this workshop you will be assisted by two or more active working industry professionals while learning in a full studio environment. There will be a model provided to work with and you will take photos on site

Key Topics
– Why do we use posing
– Positing for individuals
– Positioning couples
– Constructing group shots
– Using motion in static images
– Selecting the correct equipment
– Portrait, glamour and fashion differences
– Correct lighting and angles for setup positions
– Positioning for clothing, outfits and props

This workshop is for all levels of photographer and open to models looking at expanding their positioning portfolio. This course will be focused more the positioning rather than photography but there will be an opportunity to take photos and position our supplied model

On the day we only have a few basic requirements for this workshop

– This is a hands on tutorial so the majority of the course will be standing and moving around
– Dress comfortably with appropriate clothing and footwear to be moving around a photography studio
– A pen and pad is suggested but not required
– Please also note that trains and buses do NOT run to this location

Cameras are not required but we do suggest you bring your DSLR and appropriate lens if this is available

Power in Posing Workshop will be run in studio on Brisbane’s north side opposite Lake Kurwongbah

63 Torrens Road
Petrie 4503

Follow to the top end of the driveway and park in the designated parking area. The workshop will take place in the lower studio signed “Studio Two”

  • Workshop Cost
  • $495.00

    Payment Plans Available
  • Two Cycloramas
  • Drinks and Light Snacks Provided