Everyone has their own way of doing things and workflow is no different. Learn from active industry professionals as they guide you through their workflow from booking to product

Having the clean and clear workflow practices really sets your business aside from others. It can be the difference between cutting even and making good profit. This workshop takes a look at photographic workflow practices beginning at advertising and ending with a completed product for your client whether digital or print media

We look at different advertising options, the bookings process and planning your photography. We discuss different photographic styles and options (Weddings, Glamour, Portrait etc.)  and the benefits of working within each

Software like Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMS) can be a huge tool for communicating with clients. We take a look at the benefit of these and the best suited CRMS for different parts of the industry

Workflow after the photography process changes depending on the project so we take a look at mainstream Adobe products as well as other options on the market

This workshop will be under the instruction of two industry professionals running studios and production companies in Queensland, Australia. This course will be limited to six per intake and will be attendees will be selected by application only

This workshop will be based around building and streamlining your photography company

Key Topics
– Advertising / Planning / Approach
– Closing a booking
– Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMS)
– Planning your photography session, wedding, etc.
– The photography process
– Image processing (Capture, Viewing, Retouching)
– Creating products

This workshop is designed for people interested in starting or expanding their own photography company.

Applicants should have a background in photography or business but this is not a strict requirement

This workshop will be focused on photography business processes and not photography itself. We will be running a range of different sales programs in the near future available for attendees of our Photography Workflow Workshop

Photography workflow training can be provided either on site or at an agreed upon location.

  • Workshop Cost
  • $1200.00

    Payment Plans Available
  • By application only