“Listen With Your Eyes”  will show you how to open your mind in ways you never thought possible.  Your creativity will explode with colour and ideas and you will be so excited to reflect it in your own work.  Just some of the topics we will be covering will be:

  • Creating an ideas pool
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Working with colour to create mood
  • Developing concepts from inception through to completion
  • Finding inspiration in your surroundings
  • Sourcing, making and designing props to bring your concept to life

and so much more.

This is not just a workshop for photographers!  We have worked hard to put this together in a way that will help anybody who is on a creative journey – graphic designers, interior designers, painters, sculptures, textile artists and more will all benefit from Listen With Your Eyes.

Through-out 2016 Listen With Your Eyes will be offering dates in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth and other cities/towns by request.  Each workshop will be a full day, and will include catering, take home materials and one month of online creative mentoring following the day.  Workshops will be strictly limited to an attendance of only 12 people at each one to ensure the best possible individual attention is offered.

Introduction to Studio Lighting

Photography is all about light and working within a studio environment allows you to have the ability to have total control of your lighting sources. Learn to understand lighting techniques for individual portraits, family and fashion

Learn a range of studio lighting techniques taught by industry professionals while taking amazing photos of a model


Learn wedding photography tips and tricks from industry professionals

Weddings can be a range of different sizes and styles and can have a variety of different situations you can come up against

This workshop offers you an open training session with working industry professionals. Learn about the planning stages, chasing emotions, structured positioning and getting the best out of your situation. Learn of the importance of candids and the power of having an assistant

Get advice on building photography kit, selecting correct lenses, duel shooting and constructing albums

“Power in Posing” is one of Pixel Matrix’s most sort after and specialist workshops for models and photographers

Whether posing individuals, couples or larger groups understanding correct construction techniques can really finish off that shot you have been looking for. Posing can be used to add things like emotion, connection, strength and is used throughout the photographic industry

Work with industry professionals and a model as you go about choosing the correct positioning for shape, clothing and lighting. Learn the difference between glamour and fashion while training in a working studio environment

Are you ready to take your photos to the next level?

Tips and trick about workflow by industry professionals

Everyone has their own way of doing things and workflow is no different. Learn from active industry professionals how they approach their workflow from booking to photography, through Lightroom/Photoshop and finishing with a final product

These sittings are one on one and two on one by request

Learn how to take an image from concept to art submission


Art and competition submissions are a part of our industry and this workshop takes you on a walk through the process of planning a photo to printing and mounting correctly for the best possible outcome

Learn techniques and tips from experienced and award winning photographers on how to present your submissions in some of the best possible ways