Our principal photographer Hemi Harawira originates from the South Island of New Zealand currently resides in Brisbane, Australia.

Hemi was interested in electronic media from a young age and entered the industry as a multimedia student. Hemi was lucky enough to enter this part of the industry on the change over of film to digital and his course built him a solid foundation across the electronic media field.  Additional studies in computer programming resulted in Hemi building a unique and varied skill set that is an asset to Pixel Matrix.

Hemi’s innate ability to see and control light creates a structure to his images that is unique and difficult to replicate.  15 years behind varied camera systems have taught him the ability to pose his clients efficiently and effectively ensuring perfect results every time.

A unique combination of decisiveness, efficiency, and creativity means that Hemi creates an environment that gives his glamour clients a true glimpse into the world of fashion.  Whether he is working with professional models, those less experienced in front of the camera, or even families, Hemi is always able to produce personally stylised collections.

As a tutor, Hemi is able to intuitively observe his students and teach in a way that takes advantage of their individual strengths to create a positive learning environment that ensures results.

Hemi is also a qualified hairdresser, bringing yet another element of design talent to his already varied skill set.

Advanced Multimedia Lvl 6 – Carich Computer Training

Tohu Te Autahi (Maori Film and Broadcasting) – Christchurch Polytechnic and Institute of Technology

Hair Dressing – Ruben Blades Academy of Hair

Business Management and Communication – Southern Institute of Technology

Hemi also holds a range of qualifications in the building and construction industries which can be very helpful when working on industrial and construction projects

Although Hemi works in the media field this still remains one of his major interests. He loves the ever changing technology side of the industry and you will always see him with new gadgets whether they are helpful or not

Hemi is also an avid sports supporter and when pushed claims he supports three teams

The All Blacks, The Brisbane Broncos and The Canterbury Crusaders