Over the past 25 years Dallas has been heavily involved in the photography industry. Dallas has owned and worked for the largest DanceSport photography company in Australia as well as owning a major photography studio in Brisbane, Australia.

At present Dallas serves as President of DanceSport Australia and develops Android software to service DanceSport judging panels for his company DanceScore across Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Estonia, Italy and other parts of Europe.

Dallas also has built a custom photography studio in Petrie, Brisbane which is available for hire and assists Pixel Matrix in tutoring learning and experienced photographers throughout our industry.

Throughout Dallas’ life he has been involved in competitive dance and this remains a huge passion of his. Since the 1980’s Dallas has been assisting this industry through developing new ways to help the dance scoring systems and serves as the President of Dance Sport Australia (DSA).

Anyone that meets Dallas almost instantly sees that he is very innovative and enjoys technology and quickly learns that he is a huge wealth of knowledge and a great resource to have around.