Pixel Matrix, Ballroom and DanceSport

Over the past 10 years, we have had the opportunity to attend and work with many Ballroom DanceSport Events across Australia.

DanceSport is a combination of ballroom and latin stylings and has competitions across Australia and around the world. DanceSport encourages activity, making it a fast paced event. This sets a photographic challenge shooting moving subjects in various light conditions.

Photographing Ballroom, from a non-dancing background, proved a challenge. We have developed our own style capturing not only a pose but more of the “moment”.  This is assisted through using a variety of different light sources to enhance the atmosphere in the frame.


Introduction of Video

More recently Pixel Matrix has had the opportunity to work with DanceSport Live filming some of these events. The video setup has been a trial and error process. We are continually refining our systems to best suit the industry. Like many other industries, documentation is an important tool. These tools like photography and video encourage people to try or recommend the sport. It is important we use these tools to help inspire a new generation of dancers.

Photography and video go further than offering documentation for couples and events. It allowers competition organizers and promoters to work closer with sponsorship groups. This allows photography and video to be sold as premium advertising products.



This coming weekend 2 September 2017 we have the opportunity to travel to Victoria and attend the Geelong Classic. This will be a first time in Geelong for us and we really look forward to the opportunity and sharing the videos with the members.


Learn to Ballroom Dance!

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Sponsorship Options

Companies or individuals interested in sponsoring an event please leave us an email. We will get back to you with the different photographic and video options.

Ballroom Dance

Retirement Dance

Below is a snippet of an impromptu video of a beautiful performance by the retiring Craig Denham and his partner Greta Kasi.

Craig Denham Retirement dance

Following on from the images we have shared this evening, here is a snippet of the beautiful performance by retiring couple Craig Denham and Greta Kasi. This moving dance was a fitting tribute to a wonderful partnership.Like, Comment and leave your tribute here!Video by: Pixel Matrix

Posted by DanceSportLive on Monday, June 27, 2016


Pixel Matrix is proud to be assisting this process and working with these various competitions across the country.